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The market-leading intelligent document processing platform

Start processing your documents immediately with a low-code/no-code platform, purpose-built for the enterprise.


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Process your documents smarter, better, and faster


Vantage revolutionizes intelligent document processing as the industry’s first low-code/no-code platform.

Businesses use Vantage to quickly get started automating the manual, error-prone tasks of capturing and extracting data from documents, so they can immediately deliver accurate, process-ready content into their business systems—RPA, BPM, ERP, and more.

Tap into ABBYY Vantage’s pre-trained AI extraction models/Skills to process your specific structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents and all types of data, with 90% accuracy at the start.

Get the results you want from IDP, right away

Start today, with any document
The Vantage platform can process documents of any kind—structured, semi-structured, or unstructured, and all types of data, including handwriting, barcodes, and check boxes.
Access pre-trained skills for 150+ use cases
Vantage trained skills can be quickly designed to understand and extract information from all types of documents. Visit the ABBYY Marketplace for more available skills.
Design skills yourself
The easy, low-code/no-code skill designer allows citizen developers to design, train, and publish document skills for all types of structured and unstructured documents.
Monitor and analyze document processes
Measure and analyze the performance of all your deployed skills so you can continuously improve and move your document process automation to the next level.
Integrate with any intelligent automation system
Out-of-the-box integration with Microsoft Power Automate, Blue Prism, UiPath, Automation Anywhere, and others makes Vantage skills auto-discoverable from RPA, BPM, and chatbots.
Improve accuracy with continuous learning
Vantage skills continuously get more accurate over time, with new document variations introduced and statistical data collected during human-in-the-loop review.


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How Vantage intelligent document processing works

Start with an AI document skill from the ABBYY Marketplace, or train and publish skills, making them discoverable to any automation tool—RPA, BPM, ECM, systems of engagement, and mobile devices.
  • Upload a document
  • Assign a Vantage document skill
  • Deploy automation

Upload a document

Point Vantage to any business document—it’s ready out of the box to identify the document type and recommend the corresponding Vantage Skill.
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Assign a Vantage document skill


The system will suggest a prebuilt, ready-to-use Vantage Skill for processing your document and data, or you can search the ABBYY Marketplace for the exact document skill you need.

You can also design and train your own custom document skills using the Vantage Skill Designer.

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Deploy automation


Your Vantage Skill is now ready to be invoked from any platform, including RPA, BCM, IA, IDP, and ECM. Use a pre-built connector or develop your own integration to other systems using the Vantage REST API.

Vantage monitors, measures, and analyzes the performance of all deployed skills, creating new learning models to enable continuous improvement.

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Power your enterprise with the leading AI document processing platform


Financial services
Overcome unstructured content as an obstacle to automation. Equip your business users and citizen developers with IDP that’s ready to use within minutes for a variety of Financial Services documents such as bank statements, utility bills, tax forms, lending documents, and more.
Download checklist
Know Your Customer (KYC)
Vantage provides digital workers with the skills that allow them to automatically read, route, and process documents typically required in KYC processes, enabling faster and better customer service from the first interaction during account opening and customer onboarding.
Find skills for KYC
Loan processing
Empower your digital workforce with the necessary document skills to understand and process the diverse set of banking documents associated with lending.
Find skills for Lending
Insurance claims
Build a new set of digital workers to augment your insurance claims process, eliminate human error, and speed up the processing and handling of insurance claims.
Find skills for Insurance
Transportation & logistics
Digitize and automate the shipping documentation process for a variety of documents such as shipping instructions, waybills, receipts, and orders to expedite freight flow through forwarders, carriers, and customs clearance.
Find skills for Logistics
Finance & accounting
Streamline the processing of invoices and other financial documents with automated document capture, recognition, field extraction, and validation of data, delivered directly to your ERP, RPA, or ECM system.
Discover AP automation

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ABBYY Vantage


Explore the industry’s fastest, smartest, low-code/no-code purpose-built AI document processing platform. Our tutorials share how quick and easy it is to start intelligent document processing with ABBYY Vantage.

Vantage deployment and architecture

Vantage is designed as a cloud-first platform that can be accessed in the SOC2-certified ABBYY Cloud instances in Europe, USA, or Australia.

Alternatively, flexible deployment options are available for running Vantage on premises or within your private cloud instance on Microsoft Azure.

Vantage utilizes Docker containers and Kubernetes to orchestrate containers and includes logging and monitoring, providing IT teams with required control over the operations of the system.

Integrate the Vantage platform and skills with virtually any application or device using one of the pre-built connectors or the Vantage REST API.


Accelerate your automation journey with Vantage pre-trained AI skills

Low-code/no-code solutions ready to connect with the business system of your choice.
Work seamlessly with enterprise business systems
Integrate within specialized enterprise software applications
Connect with intelligent automation systems


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