Brian Unruh

Chief Financial Officer

Brian Unruh is Chief Financial Officer (CFO) at ABBYY. He has over 20 years of executive management experience in finance and operations, bringing his decisive and goal-oriented approach to public and private equity-backed companies in software and platform-as-a-service. As CFO, Unruh leads ABBYY’s efforts to support customers with AI-powered intelligent automation solutions in an increasingly evolving market that is shaped heavily by innovation in artificial intelligence.

Unruh’s experience began in public accounting, before serving as Managing Director and CFO of several global firms in technology and private equity. His proven track record of transforming business processes, systems, and functional organizations encompasses more than 20 acquisitions, four PE sell-side processes, and leadership of a global business organization comprised of over 1,100 employees.

Unruh holds a B.S. in Accounting and a Minor in Computer Science from Oregon State University, and is also a graduate of the OGI School of Science and Engineering Executive Program at Oregon Health and Science University.

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