ABBYY OCR Container

An AI OCR service that reads text from documents

Digitize, analyze, and read text from images, documents, and photos.
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What is ABBYY OCR Container?


ABBYY OCR Container is a new artificial intelligence (AI) OCR service that is packaged and deployed in a cloud, on premise, or on the edge using containers. The OCR container uses a Docker container for packaging and deployment, delivering a simple design to integrate with any modern cloud applications.

This AI-powered OCR service provides your application with image analysis, text recognition, and PDF conversion, enabling it to convert images into readable text and searchable PDF, Word, or Excel documents..

ABBYY OCR Container service brings AI to every developer and data scientist. All it takes is an API call to embed OCR for processing images and documents, turning text into readable information that can then be integrated into advanced decision-making in your apps.

Features & Benefits

Leading OCR performance and accuracy
Extract data from images, photos, and documents into accurate and ready-to-use data for the next step in your business applications.
Rich understanding of images and documents
OCR service analyzes the layout and structure of the image, detecting the placement of text, paragraphs, images, barcodes, tables, and other elements. Then, the information is delivered for further data analysis or machine learning tasks.
Effortless integration and deployment
The advanced OCR AI service is quick and easy to implement with minimal development effort required. It only takes a REST API call to embed OCR for processing images and documents.
Intelligently recognizes machine-printed and handwritten text
ABBYY OCR software reads and processes any type of document in various file formats and recognizes printed text in 200+ languages, English, German, French and Spanish handwritten text, checkmarks, and 26 different barcode formats.
Develop in familiar environments
The OCR REST API provides you with a few simple calls to extract text from images and return the text as structured data strings in a JSON output format.
Flexible deployment
Run ABBYY OCR Container in the cloud, on premise, or on the edge.
Selected use cases
Data analysis
Document workflow
Search & eDiscovery
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