Legal document automation with artificial intelligence

Upgrade your legal team’s operations with a solution that automates document intake, review, collaboration, and analysis.

Employ purpose-built AI to digitize, organize, and analyze legal documents in over 200 languages


Many legal teams still work with paper and scanned documents, which are difficult to manage efficiently in an increasingly digitized business environment. The effort involved in trying to access, use, and share information locked away in documents can result in significant losses of both time and money.

ABBYY empowers legal professionals to focus more on practicing law and less on hunting for document-based data. Retrieve client and internal information more efficiently while ensuring that your team never misses an opportunity to create business value from your data.

Take control of your legal documents

Streamline document searches
Make all legal documents searchable to make information actionable.
Automate document intake
Quickly extract data from scanned legal documents, with line numbers automatically omitted.
Update drafts with ease
Easily make changes and additions to draft versions of contracts and other legal documents.
Automate redactions
Permanently and irreversibly remove privileged, confidential, and sensitive information from any document.
Extract key terms and clauses
Automatically identify and extract commitments, obligations, and other terms from contracts and leases.
Divide up large document files
Automatically separate massive “document dumps” containing thousands of pages into discrete documents.
Facilitate early case assessment
Identify and index metadata to improve early case assessment (ECA), and then enrich filtering capabilities with powerful term identification to make data culling more efficient.
Eliminate redundancies
Improve accuracy of de-duplication to shrink redundant data and reduce cost of review.
Put customized document skills to use
Access pre-trained document processing skills to automatically process specific legal documents right out of the box.

5 Ways for Law Firms and Legal Departments to Re-Take Control of Their Legal Documents

Download eBook

5 Ways for Law Firms and Legal Departments to Re-Take Control of Their Legal Documents

Download eBook

Legal document automation—customer scenarios


Independent attorneys and small law firms

Digitize, retrieve, edit, protect, share, and collaborate on all kinds of legal documents. When you’re on the go, your mobile device becomes your virtual office.

Large law firms
Modernize and automate your operations by implementing accurate, automated processing of legal documents. Fill in the missing pieces in your eDiscovery process with pinpoint precision and single-click simplicity.
Corporate legal departments
Increase your team’s agility and meet the level of speed and efficiency that today’s ever-expanding regulations demand.
Legal service providers

Accelerate digital transformation by complementing intelligent automation platforms with applications like RPA, BPM, and others.


Convert legal documents into searchable data

ABBYY’s intelligent document processing solution with purpose-built AI automates intake, processing, analysis, and the organization of contracts, briefs, and other legal documents.

Leverage automation for legal documents
Put solutions to work for you today
Empower all types of users with low-code/no-code solutions
Fuel continuous improvement with machine learning


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What Is Intelligent Document Processing, and How Does It Work?

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What Is Intelligent Document Processing, and How Does It Work?

Read blog post

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