ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill

Intelligent cloud OCR service for processing documents

Digitize, analyze, and extract rich text from images and documents.
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What is ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill?


ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill is an easy-to-integrate automated cloud OCR service that transforms documents into structured, actionable, process-ready content. It helps organizations accelerate the flow of information, gain insight from documents, and empower decision-making. With flexible integration methods and an extensive feature set, ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill provides companies with an easy-to-implement, advanced cognitive service with minimal configuration required.

Document capture powered by AI

Leading OCR performance and accuracy
Ensure your data is accurate and ready for the next step in your business processes or applications.
Rich understanding of images and documents
Vantage OCR Skill analyzes the layout and structure of the image, detecting the placement of text, paragraphs, images, barcodes, tables, and other elements. Then, the information is delivered for further data analysis or machine learning tasks.
Effortless integration and deployment
This advanced OCR service is quick and easy to implement with minimal configuration and knowledge required. Flexible deployment options are available–run Vantage OCR in the cloud or on the edge, in containers.
Intelligently processes all types of documents
Vantage OCR Skill reads and processes any type of document in various file formats, supporting 200+ languages, and 26 different barcode formats.

Vantage OCR Container—use cases

Take advantage of Vantage OCR to transform your processes and apps. Power content discoverability, automate text extraction, analyze documents in real time, and create products that more people can use by leveraging ABBYY’s cloud OCR skill capabilities in your applications, or as part of ABBYY’s complete Vantage Skills services. No machine learning expertise is required.
PDF conversion
Transform your document processing solution
Search, eDiscovery, and data analysis
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Flexible deployment
Run ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill in the cloud or on the edge, in containers.
Vantage OCR Skill
Vantage OCR container (preview)

Vantage OCR Skill - Features & Benefits

To provide your solution with advanced text recognition and a document conversion service, ABBYY Vantage OCR Skill offers diverse features that can be utilized easily within many applications and environments. No machine learning expertise is required.
Achieve the highest OCR accuracy
Vantage OCR Skill provides highly accurate recognition from images and documents of machine-printed text in over 200 languages, along with barcode detection and recognition. Leading providers of ECM systems, document imaging and capture solutions, RPA solutions, scanners and MFP manufacturers trust ABBYY OCR technology.
Advanced PDF processing
Vantage OCR Skill offers powerful PDF processing, compression, and conversion capabilities, including examining the integrity of the text layer of a PDF and deciding whether to extract the text or apply OCR on a block-by-block basis.
Image understanding
Vantage OCR Skill analyzes the layout of each individual page as well as the structure of the document. The layout of each page is systematically checked to detect the placement of text, paragraphs, images, barcodes, tables, and other elements. Then, the information is delivered via JSON for further data analysis or machine learning tasks.
Automated table extraction
Vantage OCR Skill automatically detects and extracts tables and line items including invoices, financial reports, and medical records.
Utilize OCR with other Vantage Skills
Combine the OCR Skill with other ABBYY Vantage document skill services to create customized machine learning models that classify documents and extract information from all types of documents. Quickly get started with any of the pre-trained document models in the ABBYY Marketplace.
Deploy anywhere, cloud or on-premise
Utilize Vantage OCR with virtually any application or device using the Vantage REST API. ABBYY Vantage is designed as a cloud-first platform that can be accessed in the ABBYY Cloud or deployed on premise.

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