Unlock document-bound data with purpose-built AI

Transform documents into data with intelligent process automation in finance and accounting and more.
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Achieve efficient, accurate, scalable processing for all documents

From accounting to human resources, most of the services in a shared service center (SSC) involve processing a large number of documents—structured and unstructured, in multiple formats, and representing a wide variety of data types.

ABBYY’s intelligent automation solutions use purpose-built AI to automatically capture all the documents from your internal customers and process them promptly on a single platform. Your SSC can establish consistent business processes, ensure maximum transparency, and make critical information available to the right employees at the right time.

Drive process efficiencies and improve accuracy with artificial intelligence technologies

Speed up processing
Replace time-consuming, error-prone manual activities for capturing, sorting, and checking.
Put advanced recognition technologies to work
Capture all types of text, including handwritten as well as machine-printed documents in more than 200 languages.
Automate process monitoring
Monitor your capture solution performance and track documents in real time.
Validate services
Trace and audit the acquisition of data to ensure that processing meets local and global regulatory requirements.
Experience seamless integration
Integrate processing solutions into existing workflows with our open platform architecture or integrate via SDKs.
Protect investments
Benefit from highly scalable solutions with outstanding flexibility in accommodating organizational changes.
Tap into comprehensive consultancy
Receive guidance from ABBYY support and services during implementation and in production.
Use customized document skills out of the box
Access pre-trained document processing skills tailored to a variety of business processes, with no coding required.
Implement process standardization
Standardize business processes for all internal customers on one shared platform.

ABBYY Named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools

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ABBYY Named a Leader in the 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Process Mining Tools

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Intelligent automation for Shared Services Center-customer scenarios

Accounts payable
Expedite invoice processing with intelligent AP automation. Automatically capture and straight through process even the most complex invoices with unprecedented accuracy.
Digital inbox
Automate capture, classification, and extraction of all communications regardless of incoming channel. Route process-ready information from documents without the need for human intervention.
Archiving and eDiscovery
Prepare documents for legally compliant storage and retention, for enterprise search, and for information access.
Procurement and controlling
Accommodate various document types such as delivery notes, documentation, contracts, and others.
Travel costs
Centralize document capture and processing of invoices and receipts, even while employees are on the go.
HR environment
Automate processing of employment applications and digital personnel records.

Capture and process documents at scale with purpose-built intelligent document processing

ABBYY’s IDP solution leverages the power of AI to increase document process efficiency through automation and economies of scale.

AI capabilities to automate processing of all document types
Custom document skills out of the box
No technical skills necessary
Continuous learning for continuous improvement


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Global Intelligent Document Processing Trends & Outcomes Report

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Global Intelligent Document Processing Trends & Outcomes Report

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