Mailroom Automation

Automate mailroom operations with AI

Seize the data that fuels your processes at the moment it enters your organization.

Reduce costs, optimize processes, and improve customer satisfaction

Your customers expect immediate responses, accurate information, and automated transactions. Mailroom automation creates a virtual hub within your organization where business correspondence is processed the moment it arrives, regardless of where it enters the organization. Document data is automatically directed to the right next step in the process for immediate action and response. With ABBYY’s platform, you can orchestrate, automate, and monitor the entire process flow that ensures your customers get the experience with your brand that they expect.

ABBYY mailroom automation – key features

Capture all kinds of content
Equipped with AI and ML capabilities, our AI Document Skills can understand content, context, relationships, and entities within structured as well as unstructured documents (printed & handwritten).
Automatic routing of accurate data
Content is captured and verified from any source at the point of entry, so only accurate information is routed to your processes, faster and cheaper without the need for human intervention.
Document classification
Even while documents entering a mailroom have different degrees of complexity and formats, ABBYY provides a unified process for classification with the strongest data extraction results.
Complex document handling
Recognize and process documents with complex structure, such as documents with continuous tables or repeatable document sections, and multi-paged documents.
Rules-based processing
Consistent rules for indexing are implemented to speed the processing of paper and electronic documents, ensuring that the right information is delivered to your applications.
Create a secure and isolated environment for tenants, regardless of location, and apply common policies for different users with the multi-tenancy feature.
Capture data from any device
No matter the input source of your structured, semi-structured, and unstructured documents—scanner, multi-function printer, web, email, or fax—ABBYY provides your processes with production-ready information.
Integrate with RPA platforms
Feed your BPM, RPA, and content-driven processes with validated data to transform your digital enterprise. We enable tight integration with Blue Prism, UiPath, NICE, Pega, and more.

Mailroom automation – get results:

Shorten your processing and response times with automated mail classification and routing for faster responses to customer inquiries.

  • Make information available to enterprise business systems faster in order to initiate, support, and complete transactions.
  • Gain real-time understanding of the information entering your enterprise while exercising the right levels of management, control, and security.
  • Lower the costs of sorting, organizing, and manually tagging documents to remove processing friction and improve productivity.


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Mailroom automation – how it works

ABBYY’s Intelligent Document Processing platform provides the most comprehensive, robust, and technologically advanced solution for enabling customers to automatically identify, transform, and leverage process-ready content locked within documents.

  • Data input
  • Classification
  • Processing

Data input

ABBYY Mailroom Automation solution processes all types of structured applications, forms, and unstructured correspondence that enters your organization via traditional mail, fax, e-mail, and other channels.
Mailroom Automation-01


Once captured, all incoming mail, regardless of type, is classified by appearance (visual classification) and content (content classification) and categorized.
Mailroom Automation-02


ABBYY Mailroom Automation solution works in tandem with any process automation system to send extracted data to the appropriate people and enterprise systems in your organization.
Mailroom Automation-03

Workflow and document—customer scenarios



Over 10,000 enterprise customers, including many of the Fortune 500, trust ABBYY with their business-critical documents. Over 10 analyst firms have named ABBYY a market leader in intelligent document processing; 6 firms named ABBYY a leader in process mining.


ABBYY modernized the IDP market with its low-code / no-code platform. After 30 years, we are unmatched in the number of document types, formats, and languages we support. We use continuous learning from over one trillion pages processed to deliver better and better results.


Our decades-long focus on AI allows us to deliver results faster, stronger, and at a lower processing cost. When we put our customers’ information to work, they get results such as 400% increase in employee productivity, 95% automation out of the box, and millions of dollars in cost-saving opportunities.

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