Keep Shipments Moving with Intelligent Automation

5 ways shippers are future-proofing operations with intelligent document processing

Autonomous driverless trucks, drone delivery, exoskeletons, and artificial intelligence are exciting players in the automation journey within transportation and logistics. But these advanced technologies can’t be fully embraced before fundamental aspects of process automation are in place.

Intelligent automation in shipping begins with the digitization and automation of the documents that drive transportation and logistics processes.

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“While a cross-border transaction involves multiple actors and requires the exchange of 36 documents and 240 copies on average, fewer than 1% of trade documents are fully digitized.” -International Chamber of Commerce and World Trade Organization

Shippers are implementing low-code intelligent document processing to sustainably improve accuracy, expedite processes, and increase traceability in freight forwarding and other transportation/logistics processes. Download this eBook to find out what those automated processes look like, and what sort of results are possible to achieve.

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