5 Ways for Law Firms and Legal Departments to Re-Take Control of Their Legal Documents 

Spend more time handling legal issues; less time managing documents

how to re-take control of legal documents - ABBYY eBook

Law firms and corporate legal departments receive and produce thousands of documents every day.

Success for lawyers can be determined by their ability to effectively manage those documents and utilize the information they contain.

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Even if your organization already has some established document practices, there is always room for improvement. Recent research has confirmed the need for Legal to not only increase efficiencies, but to increase effectiveness. For this reason, law firms and legal departments listed “greater use of technology” as one of their top investment priorities in the Thomson Reuters 2019 Law Firm Business Leaders Report.

Read “5 Ways for Law Firms and Legal Departments to Re-Take Control of Their Legal Documents” to learn about five timely strategies for handling legal documents like top performers:

  • Make every document searchable
  • Extract and use content faster
  • Easily edit and update documents
  • Share documents more securely
  • Enable an end-to-end e-discovery process

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