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Use Process Mining to Automate Wisely, Not to Automate Everything

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Learn how to be more strategic about where you implement process automation

While process automation tools have been available for many years, identifying the right processes to automate is still a challenge. Manually mapping out how processes actually work and, more importantly, how they should work requires extensive engagement with process owners and subject matter experts. And at the end of the day, the results may not even be accurate, as they are based on human perceptions.

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That’s why so many organizations are starting their process automation journeys with process and task mining. These automated tools can quickly create a comprehensive and reliable view of how a process works to provide a solid, data-based foundation for an automation strategy. But should you rush to automate every opportunity revealed by these tools? No.

Use this white paper to understand how to use process and task mining to ensure that the automation targets you select are the right ones for your goals.

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