Patient forms processing

ABBYY AI captures the patient experience

Automate and streamline patient forms to receive full claim benefits.

Meet HCAHPS submission deadlines

Statistics from HCAHPS patient surveys must be submitted to CMS on time, but collecting the data manually is slow, inefficient, and error prone. Incomplete, incorrect, or late data submissions decrease reimbursements needed to maintain the standard of patient care.

ABBYY helps you to automate the entire HCAHPS survey processing workflow. From scanning of patient surveys and data extraction to automatic validation and verification of data, it eliminates time-consuming, error-prone manual processes—making sure survey results are submitted accurately and on time to claim full benefits.

With ABBYY, healthcare providers can:

Improve patient satisfaction
Automate entire HCAHPS survey processing workflow and improve patient satisfaction.
Reduce costs
Reduce the costs associated with processing healthcare surveys and raise reimbursement rates.
Get reimbursed faster
Speed submission of patient survey data to make sure deadlines are met and full CMS reimbursements are collected.
Improve accuracy
Plan more effectively knowing that data will be accurate and submitted in time for full reimbursement.

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Process intelligence

Access end-to-end visibility of your processes using data from various back-end systems so you can identify inefficiencies, correct bottlenecks, and even predict future outcomes.

Patient satisfaction surveys

Eliminate time-consuming and error-prone manual processes by automating the entire HCAHPS survey processing workflow, from scanning of patient surveys and data extraction to automatic validation and verification of data.

Revenue cycle management

Optimize revenue cycle processes to reduce claim denials, ensure prompt payments, and decrease costs by gaining end-to-end visibility into your process execution.

Referral management

Streamline the referral process to accelerate revenue with a combination of IDP, RPA, and process intelligence. Automate the integration of patient referral data from faxes into EHR, eliminating manual entry and processing.

Claims and billing

Process claim forms more accurately and cost efficiently with advanced data capture of information from paper and digital medical forms. Automatic validation ensures accuracy for billing.

Expedite invoicing and payments

Streamline the processing of invoices and other financial documents with automated document capture, recognition, field extraction, and validation of data, delivered directly to your ERP, RPA, or ECM system.
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Patient records

Integrate paper and images from existing patient records, new patient information, and current health information into new EHR workflows without disrupting your processes or compromising patient care.

Accounts receivable and EOB processing

Automatically extract data from scanned or faxed documents so it can be uploaded into billing systems sooner, and exceptions can be identified faster.


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Process Intelligence is key to improving the revenue cycle in healthcare

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Process Intelligence is key to improving the revenue cycle in healthcare

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Over 10,000 enterprise customers, including many of the Fortune 500, trust ABBYY with their business-critical documents. The analyst community continues to name ABBYY as the market leader in intelligent document processing.


ABBYY modernized the IDP market with its low-code / no-code platform. After 30 years, we are unmatched in the number of document types, formats, and languages we support.


Our decades-long focus on AI allows us to deliver results faster, stronger, and at a lower processing cost. Our customers experience 400% higher employee productivity, 95% automation out of the box, and millions of dollars in cost-saving opportunities.

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