Use your data to optimize healthcare delivery

Gain insights to optimize your processes.

Process intelligence for healthcare

Today’s challenges in healthcare demand new strategies to overcome them. Healthcare providers are being asked to do more with less amid tremendous complexity. With the proliferation of investments in EHR and other technologies, administrators and clinical teams are being inundated with dashboards and reports. Despite having all the information, they are often forced to make crucial operational decisions without complete insight.

Get more value out of the process-related data that you already have

The fact is, process footprints created in almost any IT application (EHR, ERP, LIMS, etc.) can be quickly extracted, combined, and automatically reconstructed in digital form.
Automatic process discovery and mapping
Advanced process analysis, searching, and filtering
Real-time operational monitoring and alerting

Gain a complete understanding of your processes

Use your data to improve access, reduce cost, and guarantee quality of service for patients
  • Expose every process, every blindspot, compliance risk, or service metric that your organization executes every day. It’s not magic— it’s simply the next step in the digital transformation taking place in every industry today.
  • Intelligent process analytics helps you understand what’s working, what’s not, and why, helping you identify opportunities to improve efficiency, service delivery, or revenue cycle.
  • Make compliance easy by monitoring clinical operations in real time, while proactively alerting your staff when protocols are not followed, or process misbehaviors are detected.

Improve the patient experience, reduce waste, increase efficiency, and optimize processes


Automatic discovery and process visualization
Load data from your EHR to automatically analyze individual patient journeys and display how patients move through the ED. Automatically understand what tasks typically happen together and see processes as-is, understanding your entire process flow. With ABBYY Timeline, you can get a full process understanding end to end. Find the rare and unusual patterns that you don’t expect to be happening.
Complex search/query and filtering
Investigate the reasons why some processes are taking longer than others. Drill in and explore patients that have more tasks than average. Analyze time between two specific care events, and compare different departments, regions, or specific employees. Identify specific incident types that tend to add time and cost to your patient care management process. Visualize your patient experience duration from start to end.
Operational monitoring and alerting
Build best practices and rules to support ongoing operational monitoring. Get alerted via email, web services, or SMS text when certain rules in your patient process are broken. Drill in on specific violations based on root cause related to time, occurrences, or task position. Get alerts to ensure that all protocols and best practices are being followed.

The Process Intelligence Approach to Improving Healthcare Processes

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The Process Intelligence Approach to Improving Healthcare Processes

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