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Augment Automation Anywhere bots with Intelligent Document Processing for understanding and extracting insights from a variety of structured as well as unstructured document types.

The combination of ABBYY + Automation Anywhere technologies

Automation Anywhere RPA solutions are enabling many enterprises in various industries to automate critical business processes. ABBYY solutions further empower these enterprises to access valuable information from a variety of structured as well as unstructured business documents and achieve greater value from their automation initiatives.
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How ABBYY and Automation Anywhere work together

ABBYY’s solution for Automation Anywhere enables you to...

  • Connect ABBYY’s leading Intelligent Document Processing solutions directly from within Automation Anywhere Enterprise RPA to expand process automation beyond simple scenarios.
  • Rely on state-of-the-art OCR, document classification, and data extraction capabilities to understand and process structured or unstructured, simple or complex, business documents.
  • Automate the classification of documents and extraction of data through continuous auto-learning and user input.
  • Enable RPA to deliver the expected results and business impact by automating content-centric processes that involve documents, images, and scans.

Integration benefits

Automate various document-centric business decisions
Utilize state-of-the-art, feature-complete AI and machine learning capabilities within your robotic processes in order to handle simple to complex documents and processes with ease.
Elevate process compliance
Rely on robots to convert business-critical documents into structured data in order to make the appropriate decisions according to the desired process path and involve humans only for handling exceptions.
Expand beyond simple RPA scenarios
Achieve higher value and business impact with process automation initiatives by expanding to complex core processes, which require intelligent capabilities from digital workers in order to efficiently augment human employees.
Augment robots with content understanding skills
Enable digital workers to deliver higher value to your process automation by enabling them to understand and extract data from business documents of any kind and use that insight to make smart decisions.


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